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We are constantly recruiting professionals for various industries and positions at different levels. Our versatile industry expertise ensures the best employees for your company’s needs.

Here you can explore our industries

Through Biisoni, you can find professionals for various stages of production, as well as installation and maintenance tasks, even on short notice. We have been recruiting industry professionals for over 17 years, so we are familiar with the diverse needs, ranging from shorter employment periods to longer-term roles and specialized expertise requirements.

You can find skilled individuals through us for roles such as:
Production worker, Assembler, Installer, Metalworker, Finisher, Electrician, Operators, Maintenance Technician, Welder, Sheet Metal Worker, Machinist, Painter.

We serve industrial companies, project organizations, and design firms with their engineering needs. Our clientele ranges from small family-owned businesses to some of the largest publicly listed companies in Finland. We specialize in providing skilled professionals to our clients in a more cost-effective and flexible manner compared to traditional subcontracting or consulting, with adaptable recruitment terms.

You can find skilled individuals through us for roles such as:
Mechanical Designer, Electrical Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Environmental Engineer, Process Engineer, Quality Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Managers, Production Engineer, Designers, Documenters, and many more

At Biisoni, we have extensive networks within the sales and marketing professionals, enabling us to efficiently reach the best talent. Our recruitment team has experience in both B2C and B2B sales, giving us insight into the challenges of finding salespeople and identifying the most effective ways to reach them. Our efficiency is demonstrated by our 100% fill rate for sales and marketing assignments over the last 24 months.

We are constantly recruiting sales and marketing professionals for various industries such as IT, investment services, consumer retail, technical products, and digital services. Our experience in sales and marketing recruitment helps us understand the qualities required for different roles, and through proactive outreach, we are able to engage the top talent in the process.

You can find skilled individuals through us for roles such as:
Booker, Sales Representative, Presales, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Sales Director, Account Executive, Key Account Manager, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Expert, and many more.

Effective administration is essential for smooth daily operations, employee satisfaction, and managing contract/risk management. Biisoni can find you professionals for all your administrative needs. Whether you’re looking for assistance with routine tasks, HR-related duties, or contract management, help is just one call away.

You can find skilled individuals through us for roles such as:
Office Manager, HR Coordinator, Administrative Coordinators and assistants, People Officer, Back Office personnel, Purchaser, Procurement Apecialist, Procurement Manager, Procurement Director.

Biisoni’s specialized IT recruitment team helps your company find the IT professionals you need. We speak the same language with both our clients and job seekers. Our market understanding has evolved over the years, enabling us to know what kind of experts are available at given times. We conduct our assignments as hybrid searches, which always include headhunting whenever possible, and targeted talent marketing to reach the most desired IT professionals. We are capable of delivering skilled professionals cost-effectively.

You can find professionals through us for roles such as:
Software Developer, System Specialist, O365 Specialist, IT Support, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, Cloud Engineer, UI/UX Designer, IT Project Manager, Network Engineer, Business Analyst, Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, and many more

Logistic tasks are among the most applied positions we offer. Through our extensive applicant pool, we cab effectively seek logistics professionals who fit your company’s needs.

You can find professionals through us for roles such as:
Warehouse Worker, Picker, Packer, Operations and Supervisory positions, Forklift Operator, and more

We specialize in assisting your company in successfully recruiting customer service professionals. Our rapid response capability, combined with an efficient, extensively tested recruitment process, ensures that you won’t be left in a bind in sudden and unexpected situations as our client. We have successfully carried trough multiple 50+ customer service professional recruitments in very challenging time frames.

You can find professionals through us for roles such as:
Customer Service Representative, Service Advisor, Customer Service Manager, Technical Support Representative, Swedish-speaking Customer Service Representative, and more

We help your company find finance professionals for all finance and accounting positions, regardless of the industry. We provide finance experts to various clients, including real estate investment funds, industrial companies, the financial sector, retail, and many others. Feel free to reach out, and we will be happy to provide more information.

You can find professionals through us for roles such as:
Chief Financial Officer, Accountant, Controller, Business Controller, Payroll, Tax, and Insurance Specialists

Our over decade lasting partnerships with well-known Finnish consumer food brands shows our love for food. We thoroughly understand the tricks and seasonal needs of the food sector. Our specialized team in the food industry serves you with solid expertise in all your company’s needs.

You can find professionals through us in roles such as:
Chef, Cook, Packer, Food Worker, Dishwasher, Warehouse Worker

HR services with an empathetic approach

Don’t let HR concerns hinder your company’s growth. Over 17 years we have provided our clients with the best talent and built a tool box to ensure your company’s success.


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