We will enable your company’s growth, by providing the right human resources and answering to your needs.

Recruitments and headhunting

We combine the best aspects of headhunting and recruitment for our customers, in a cost-efficient and agile manner.


We will enable you to focus on your core operations and business development

Personal assessments and training

We offer high-quality personal assessments and train solid professionals.

Employer Branding

We will identify the factors that make you attractive to potential employees, and communicate them effectively.

Open and flexible personnel services

Biisoni is a one-stop shop wholly owned by its key personnel. We at Biisoni want to be our customers’ number-one option when looking for industrial and white collar workers. We have offices in Helsinki, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki, Vaasa and Oulu.

Our warm approach, respect for people and flexible service are part of our DNA; our customers and employees are the most satisfied in the sector, which bears witness to our success. We try to improve every day and develop our services to meet the needs of a changing labor market.


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7000+ professionals employed

9/10 employee satisfaction

9/10 client satisfaction

14 years of HR experience



We are here for you

Juha Orrenmaa

Business director Industry
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Johannes Nikkanen

Recruitment director
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Jasmine Nikkari

Sales Manager Business & Technology
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