We want to be our customers’ number-one option in fulfilling their need for industrial and white-collar workers. We aim to be market leaders by combining the best aspects of headhunting and recruitment in a cost-efficient and agile manner. We offer flexible solutions to customers in all staff resourcing matters and aim to create long-term partnerships.


Close to clients and employees

Biisoni’s management and administration employees are committed to working with our customer companies each year. Sometimes they are carried away by their interesting work and challenges, and work a little longer than originally intended. In addition, continuous contact with customers and employees, and achieving things together, are the cornerstones of our business.

Biisoni as an employer

We aim to offer professionals a workplace that is transparent, people-oriented and well managed, not forgetting the fun aspects. We believe that our people-oriented way of working and staff wellbeing are experienced by our customers and employees, and create long-term and confidential customer relationships. Our company’s account managers and recruiters are experienced professionals, so customers can rely on our high service quality. We want to ensure that we are the right people providing the right kind of help for our customers and employees.