Professionals for the world’s changing needs

We enable you to focus on the essential

Through staffing, you can harness Biisoni’s professionals to assist you, enabling you to focus on what brings the most added value. Temporary needs, stand-ins for parental leave situations and sudden changes in staff needs: these are everyday issues for us. If a temporary need becomes permanent, Biisoni professionals are often signed up by customer companies. We offer motivated professionals for your company based on a turnkey service. Biisoni has long experience and extensive contact networks in financial administration, financing, sales, marketing, HR, technology and IT.

Happy employees

We all want to be valued. We at Biisoni believe that happy employees are an investment that will pay off. Our employees, who we know to be happy, speak for themselves. Over the years, we have learnt that staff motivation and satisfaction have an immense effect on productivity, so it is vitally important for us to find the best candidates for our customers, turning every stone in order to do so. Through various employee wellbeing measures, continuous contact and remuneration schemes, we have achieved the highest employee satisfaction level in the sector, at 9/10.


Finding talent is no coincidence

Over 95% of assignments lead to a contract

We have successfully recruited more than 7,000 people during our history and have an extensive contact network within areas such as finance, financing, sales, marketing, HR, technology and IT. We free up companies’ time for core operations by offering the recruitment process as a turnkey package with a quality guarantee. If you are unhappy with a person we have recruited, we will find another for you at no extra charge. We can also organize behavior assessment DiSC and AON profiling assessments to support your recruitment decisions.

Excellent results in headhunting

The best results in recruitment are achieved by involving both active and passive applicants in the process. Recruitment is now partly a sales job, where the best people in the industry are presented with opportunities for their next career move. The ability to make passive applicants curious about new positions is also a requirement for a successful recruitment process. We leave no stone unturned and usually contact dozens of suitable persons per application. We always select the best tools for the job, together with our customers.

Focus on what is essential to you and let us take care of the rest

We will take you one step further

Companies may want to outsource, for example, a customer service team, a logistics entity or perhaps its entire HR department. If outsourcing would free up time for sales, marketing, creating a strategy or something else that is more productive for your company, it is worth considering. Over the years, Biisoni has gained experience in both personnel outsourcing and performance-based outsourcing, the objective always being an improvement in the customer’s current situation, as well as higher employee satisfaction.

We’ll help you to achieve your goals

Assessment and planning of outsourcing is always implemented in close cooperation with the customer. After the assessment, it is decided whether outsourcing can create the desired outcome and should be pursued. Our experts will be at your disposal for consultation throughout the process.

Personal assessments in support of recruitment decisions or work community development

DiSC work community profiling performed professionally

Identifying and utilizing people’s individual strengths is an excellent way to increase the work community’s efficiency and wellbeing.  Some of us prefer to go straight to the point, while others feel more comfortable if matters are discussed together, listening to all viewpoints. Some people may be motivated by money, while others place financial gain lower on their list. Collisions and negative energy often emerge when it is assumed that everybody fits the same mold. DiSC work community profiling is a good way to identify individual motivational factors and utilize the results of profiling in everyday interaction, getting the most out of the work community.

AON skill and ability assessment for aptitude accuracy

The necessary skills and abilities vary from job to job and place requirements on the applicant’s suitability that must be taken into account in recruitment. Assessments performed before a recruitment decision increase certainty that the right person has been chosen for the job and ensure a successful performance. Reliable and appropriate AON assessment tools can get to the root of a professional’s skills, numerical, verbal and logical reasoning.

Does your company attract talent?

We help our clients to find the factors that make them attractive

Employer brand plays a key role in a market driven by applicants, where there is plenty of competition for top talent. We help our customers to attract professionals and create an emotional bond between them and potential applicants. Employer image always starts from within and grows outwards. It is not rocket science but actually very concrete issues such as empathy, values, the company’s vision and atmosphere, and communicating these to applicants. A carefully communicated employer image is an excellent way to make recruiting more efficient, save time and reach the desired outcome in order to attract talent.

Video to express emotions

Text as a medium for dialogue is excellent for factual information, but leaves plenty to the applicant’s imagination. A video is an efficient way to create an emotional connection between the company and potential applicants, and to give answers to frequently asked questions such as: What kind of workplace and colleagues would I have in this job? A peek into a potential colleague’s world often gives an applicant much more than a long text and encourages them to apply for the job or form an opinion about the company from the employee’s viewpoint.

Biisoni makes dozens of recruitment videos every year with excellent customer satisfaction, and we have plenty of experience of what issues are important to potential jobseekers. A well-formulated visual message is an excellent tool for gaining better recruitment results and marketing the company to potential jobseekers in an interesting manner.