Professionals where they are needed

Help with meeting staff needs and making cost savings

Temporary staff is an effortless and safe way to meet a company’s staffing needs and free up time for core functions. We operate in a variety of industrial sectors, includingmanufacturing industry, the food industry, the plastic industry, the furniture industry, and real state maintenance. We are familiar with the work of press brake operators and machinists, plastic workers, assemblers, welders. Our customer base consists of the best-known large companies in the industry, all the way to smaller subcontractors, and we serve everyone with the same enthusiasm.

Happy employees

We are known for the satisfied, high-quality staff we provide, and our warm approach when dealing with both employment and customer relationships. A motivated workforce is a just what an order-driven industry needs, acting as an effortless and safe recruitment channel in the applicant-driven market. Along the years, we have learned that the biggest employment cost savings, especially in manufacturing companies, stem from individuals and their motivation to do their work well. Through various employee wellbeing measures, close contacts and remuneration schemes, we have achieved good results, such as the highest employee satisfaction level in the sector, at 6 out of 7.

We know how to find professionals

Over 95% of assignments lead to a contract

Biisoni has successfully recruited more than 7,000 people, and we conclude more than 500 contracts per year. We continuously invest in new recruitment channels and try out new ways of reaching the desired target group. Due to the fragmented job search market, there can be considerable regional and job specific differences in different application channels. Most industrial job applications are already made via mobile channels and recruitment videos have become a natural part of job marketing. A recruitment assignment is always an honor for us, as we act as an extension of the client’s organization; an empathic process that respects applicants is the cornerstone of our service.

Recruitment services increasingly common within industry

The applicant-driven markets of recent years have led to growing use of recruitment services in many industrial sectors. Many skilled people and top professionals are found outside LinkedIn, and already have jobs lined up if they consider new challenges. Young applicants in particular value the opportunity to have a look at a prospective workplace through a recruitment video, and the application process should be as straightforward as possible. Our job is to make the recruitment process as pleasant and easy as possible, and we can utilize the extensive contact network of industry experts that we have accumulated over the years.

Outsourcing frees up resources for core functions

We will take you one step further

A company may want to outsource a certain part of production, a logistics entity or perhaps its entire HR department. If outsourcing would free up time for sales, marketing, creating a strategy or something else that is more productive for your company, it is worth considering. Over the years, Biisoni has gained experience in both personnel outsourcing and performance-based outsourcing, the objective always being an improvement on the current situation for the customer, as well as higher employee satisfaction.

We’ll help you to achieve your goals

Assessment and planning of outsourcing is always implemented in close cooperation with the customer. After the assessment, it is decided whether outsourcing can create the desired outcome and should be pursued. Our experts will be at your disposal for consultation throughout the process.

We train top-notch professionals

Tailored training for your company's needs

Industry has diverse labor needs and there is a shortage of many types of professionals. The postwar generation is ageing quickly and a vast number of people will begin their well-earned retirement within the next few years. This will create a labor shortage in many sectors and the role of skilled labor will be decisive in enabling growth in many companies. Professional training provides a good basis for the labor market, but replacing decades of experience requires job-specific specialization.

Diverse work community powering the business

Our diverse work community training shows how people from different backgrounds can be managed in a way that enables them to work effectively together. The participants learn various communication and interaction methods to improve the dynamism of a diverse work community.  We offer concrete assistance for key work situations that are crucial to a company’s success, and discuss communication, negotiation, and how to give and receive feedback.

Does your company attract talent?

We help our customers to find the factors that make them attractive

Employer image plays a key role in a market driven by applicants, where there is plenty of competition for top talent. We help our customers to attract professionals and create an emotional bond between them and potential applicants. Employer image always starts from within and grows outwards. It is not rocket science but actually very concrete issues such as empathy, values, the company’s vision and atmosphere, and communicating these to applicants. A carefully communicated employer image is an excellent way to make recruiting more efficient, save time and reach the desired outcome in order to attract talent.

Video to express the emotions

Text as a medium for dialogue is excellent for factual information, but leaves plenty to the applicant’s imagination. A video is an efficient way to create an emotional connection between the company and potential applicants, and to give answers to frequently asked questions such as: What kind of workplace and colleagues would I have in this job? A peek into a potential colleague’s world often gives an applicant much more than a long text and encourages them to apply for the job or form an opinion about the company from the employee’s viewpoint.

Biisoni makes dozens of recruitment videos every year with excellent customer satisfaction, and we have plenty of experience of what issues are important to potential jobseekers. A well-formulated visual message is an excellent tool for gaining better recruitment results and marketing the company to potential jobseekers in an interesting manner.