The idea for the company was born over ten years ago. The partners already had small business operations, and often found themselves thinking of a way to combine their skills. They decided to merge their businesses and focus solely on serving customers’ staffing needs. And so in 2006 Biisoni was born, an owner-led staffing service company that stands out with great customer service and highly motivated professionals.


The management at Biisoni and people working in the administration all commit to working in the field in our customer companies each year. Often the excitement and interesting challenges pull them in, and in the end they rack up even more days in the field. In addition to this, continuous communication with our customers and employees and working together are the cornerstones of our business.


We are used to serving our customers and employees with passion, and seeking long-term partnerships. Profitably managed business operations ensure for our customers and employees that we can both develop the quality of our service and WHP functions, and carry out investments that maintain efficiency in e.g. data systems and skilled administration staff. We want to ensure that we can provide the most help for our customers and employees.